The BBF Challenge Box is a unique opportunity for businesses to support a local cause, whilst also providing a fun and engaging team building opportunity. 
The challenge is split into two parts. Firstly, team members are tasked with procuring all of them items you’ll need to pack 30 Buddy Bags. Secondly, you’ll get together to pack the bags! 
From the hundreds of times we’ve run the Buddy Bag packs, we’ve received feedback that they provide a great opportunity to work on communication, compassion and self-fulfillment for all involved. 
We ask the organisation to be responsible for sourcing and funding the items that will fill 30 Buddy Bags. 
We will provide the rucksack to hold the items, and everything you need to know to pack the bags. Our team will then work with you to identify and deliver the bags to local refuge centres. 
There is an admin charge – £100 Companies and £50 Community Groups. 
Below is an overview of the BBF Challenge Box. There are more details we’ll share once you’ve decided to take part in the challenge. 
Step 1: Briefing your team 
We recommend choosing 30 team members – who will each purchase the items for a Buddy Bag – so you’ll pack 30 bags between your team. This is the optimal number, but it can be flexed if necessary. 
Share our “What is the Buddy Bag Foundation” video to introduce the work our foundation does and the impact they’ll be having by packing 30 Buddy Bags. 
Step 2: Shopping time 
We’ll provide a shopping list for each of your team members. This list contains all of the items that will need to go into 1 bag. There will be different lists for different genders and age groups. For hygiene and quality reasons, we ask that all items are brand new. 
A dedicated team leader should collect the shopping bags on an agreed date. Then they’ll need to check to ensure all items on the list have been purchased and are of sufficient quality. 
Step 3: The bag pack 
Your team will get together for the most rewarding part of the challenge! You’ll take the items you’ve purchased and pack them in the bags that we provide. Each bag will make a difference to the child that receives it. So we ask you to enjoy the moment and pack them with care and love. 
Step 4: Delivering the bags 
The packed bags will be delivered – where possible – to a local Women’s Refuge centre within a 20 mile radius of your location. We will work with you to identify the refuge centre/s and arrange delivery. Considering the nature of the refuge centres, we must ensure the address of the centres are treated confidentially. 
“Its not so much what a business can do for a charity rather that what a charity can do for a business!” 
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