The coronavirus outbreak is putting a major strain on many small businesses' cash flow. 
Let's face it, chasing late payments on invoices is one of the toughest, most awkward and worrying elements for any business owner. However, now more than ever it’s crucial to ensure you receive payment on those overdue invoices. 
In times like these, many small business owners are worried about what the next few months will bring, including whether they'll receive payments on time. With everything going on in the world right now it’s so important to plan ahead and to keep on top of everything especially your debtors list. 
When you work, you need to be payed, this month more than ever! Bell4Business can ensure your business earn what you deserve. To minimise the number of unpaid invoices on your books, look for some help from the professionals at Bell4Business. We’ve helped many small businesses recoup more monies due to them because of our hands-on approach to debtor chasing. 
Work with Us for a Plan of Action to Tackle Debtors 
When you work with us, we begin by analysing debtors to develop a plan of action. Then we start to communicate with those that owe you money and work with them to formalise a payment plan. After every conversation and resolution, we provide detailed reports on actions and results. These reports can be collated should you need to file a court case to recoup payment. 
Even after a payment plan has been resolved, we continue to contact debtors on a weekly basis to ensure that they continue to make agreed-upon payments. 
Every small business has challenges, especially now. But you don’t have to hold everything on your shoulders. Finding a trusted firm to outsource certain tasks like telephone answering and debtor chasing offers specific benefits for your business. 
Allow Bell4Business to work with you and recover any overdue invoice that may have been forgot about or not been dealt with, because after all you deserve payment! 
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