Being under lockdown is difficult for everybody, including small businesses. In a desperate attempt to save money, many opt to slash their marketing efforts. 
However, if you're one of them, this may end up costing you in the long run once we're no longer under lockdown. The reason? If so many other businesses are ceasing their marketing efforts, it's the perfect opportunity to stand out and reach more potential customers. 
Bring Your Services Online 
If at all possible, bring as many of your services and products online as you can. Businesses with little to no online presence have been among those hit hardest by COVID-19, but there's still time to change this approach. Once you have a good website and social media accounts to market from, you can start selling your products online. 
If you don't have anyone on your team that's knowledgable about social media or web design, you may want to consider taking free online courses or temporarily hiring outside help — if they can work within your budget. Though you shouldn't stop spending money on marketing entirely, now is not a good time to make long-term commitments or take any big risks. 
Use the Lockdown in Your Messaging 
There's no use in pretending like the lockdown or COVID-19 isn't happening. Instead of ignoring it, you can try incorporating it into your marketing efforts in a way that your target audience will genuinely appreciate. 
For some businesses, all they do is include vague "we're all in this together" messages in their emails. If you want to set yourself apart while also marketing your business, why not hold some kind of contest with some of your products as a gift? You could ask people to follow your social media accounts and like, share, and comment on your post. One of the many ways you could centre it around the lockdown is by asking people to tag a deserving friend they'd share the products with. 
Affordable Ways to Market Your Business 
The great thing about the ideas listed above is that they're all very affordable. Slashing your marketing efforts and budget entirely may not be necessary, but reducing your costs is completely understandable. 
That's why we recommend focusing more so on updating your website, becoming more active on your social media accounts, ensuring that your products can be bought online, holding raffles/contests to promote your business — things of that nature. These efforts will help your business get seen, attracting new customers and showing your current customers that you're still active and have products/services available online. 
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