Evolution Collection - Mens Tailoring  

Fabric Construction 
64 % Recycled Polyester Wool 
34% Wool 
2% Lycra Weft Stretch 
Fabric Weight 
Mid Weight 315g per linear metre 
Out Sizes 
All out-sizes have an increase of 
Ladies size 22-24 +15% 
Men’s jacket size 48-52 +15%, size 54 +25% Men’s trouser size 46-50 +15% 
Stock Specials are +100% 
Currently worn everyday in a wide range of sectors such as - 
Hospitality Leisure and Airlines Bus, Rail and Road 
Office and Retail 
Events and promotion Ceremonial 
Academy and Sixth Form 
Check out our Evolution Collection and get in touch with our team of Corporate Tailoring specialists to discuss your requirements... 

Limehouse Regular Fit Jacket 

Black J6000B 
Navy J6000N 
Charcoal J6000C 

Tooting Slim Fit Jacket 

Black J6005B 
Navy J6005N 
Charcoal J6005C 

Bond Waistcoat 

Black W6004B 
Navy W6004N 
Charcoal W6004C 

Soho Regular Fit Trousers 

Black T6002B 
Navy T6002N 
Charcoal T6002C 

Leyton Slim Fit Trousers 

Black T6006B 
Navy T6006N 
Charcoal T6006C 

Westminster Classic Fit Trousers 

Black T6003B 
Navy T6003N 
Charcoal T6003C 

Evolution Collection - Womens Collection 

Temple Ladies Jacket 

Black J3013B 
Navy J3013N 
Charcoal J3013C 

Islington Ladies Jacket 

Black J3000C 
Navy J3000N 
Charcoal J3000C 

Strand Waistcoat 

Black V3008B 
Navy V3008N 
Charcoal V3008C 

Pentonville Slim Fit Trousers 

Black T3012B 
Navy T3012N 
Charcoal T3012C 

Kensington Tailored Fit Trousers 

Black T3008B 
Navy T3008N 
Charcoal T3008C 

Regent Classic Fit Trousers 

Black T3007B 
Navy T3007N 
Charcoal T3007C 

Sloane Dress 

Black D3009B 
Navy D3009N 
Charcoal D3009C 

Angel Skirt 

Black S3004B 
Navy S3004N 
Charcoal S3004C 
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