So, you’re wondering how our Telephone Answering Service works? Well you’ve certainly came to the right place, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers you and many other business owners considering telephone answering may have. 
When exploring a change in operations for your business, naturally, you’d like to know as much information as possible and have all of your questions and queries answered, of course this list won’t cover the A-Z of every question so if there is anything further you’d like to discuss or have answered we’d love to help! 
These FAQs should clear up most of the confusion around how Telephone Answering by Bell4Business works. 
1. What benefits does a telephone answering service give? 
Every business wants the phone to keep ringing. It usually means new business. But what happens when the call isn’t answered and goes to voicemail? Will they ever call back? 
Your prospect may think they aren’t important or that you’re too busy to take on new work. They may move on to a competitor because they need help now and don’t want to wait 
2. How will you know the incoming call is for my business? 
We have a dedicated system and when a call comes in your details will show on our telephone system, so we know the call is for your business. Our team answer the call based on your preferred greeting or requirements. We aim to greet your callers in the same way that you would. 
3. Do you need to receive every call for my business? 
Not if you don’t want us to, maybe you only need to transfer calls to us when you’re out the office. That’s fine. You can use us when you’re unavailable or throughout the full working day (9am-5pm) 
4. How do you pass on a message to me? 
We will email you over all the details of the call to you, we’ll chat with the customer or prospect and detail what they need then quickly pass the information over to you. 
5. What if I get a call outside of business hours? 
If calls come in outside of business hours, our personalised voicemail system will take the call and relay the message in a timely manner. Ensuring that you get to contact the prospect back. 
6. Will you have any knowledge of my business? 
We believe customer service is key and knowledge of your businesses and sector benefits the telephone answering service, we will research your businesses and be able to give a positive impression to your customers. 
7. Can I keep the same contact details? 
Of course, your customers and staff know that number. You may have invested marketing resources to promote that contact number. We won’t ask you to change that! 
8. How will I set up the divert? 
It’s simple to set up and in fact will only take a couple of minutes. Most telephone providers offer a “Call Divert” option, allowing you to divert your calls to another number either all of the time, when engaged or when unanswered. 
This is usually very simple to setup and we can assist you and talk to through with you if needed. 
9. What hours do you operate? 
We operate Monday – Friday 9am-5pm (Excluding Bank Holidays) If calls come in outside of business hours, our personalised voicemail system will take the call and relay the message in a timely manner. 
We are here to answer any questions you may have, to discuss Telephone Answering, contact us today
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