So, you’re wondering how social media management works? Well you’ve certainly came to the right place, we’ve put together a list of questions and answers you and many other business owners considering social media management may have. 
When exploring a change to your business naturally you’d like to know as much information as possible and have all of your questions and queries answered, of course this list won’t cover that A-Z of every question so if there is anything further you’d like to discuss or have answered we’d love to help! 
These FAQs should clear up most of the confusion around how social media management by Bell4Business works. 
1. What platforms do you manage? 
For our clients we like to work bespoke because every business has different requirements and businesses in different sectors can benefit from being active on different platforms. The main platforms we cover for our clients are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GoogleMyBusiness, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
2. Are you posting on my companies behalf? 
Yes, we will create all content, graphics and images that we will schedule to go out on your profiles. These will be posted onto your platforms and it’ll look as if you’ve posted this from your business! The only way customers will know you’ve outsourced this service is if you tell them! 
3. Do you respond to messages/questions that come through social media? 
Indeed, customer service is key. We will respond to any queries, reviews and comments. Even if it’s a nudge in the right direction we will make sure your customers are satisfied with their service through social media. 
4. I’m only reaching a small number of prospects right now, what can you do? 
We focus on organic growth and we see it as a huge importance that you reach your target audience and as many people as possible. Overall this will bring more leads to your customers. We will boost your engagement, views, and promote your brand. 
5. How will I know that this is working? 
We will provide monthly analytics, so you can see the growth your social media pages has received, you’ll also see an increase in prospects and leads. 
6. What type of content will you share? 
We will share the content your audience wants to see, we’ve got years of experience under our belts, so we know what works. We will focus on promotions to your brand and have conversations with you to see what you’d like to focus on. 
7. Do I really need social media management? 
Social Media takes time to be used correctly, as a business owner you may not have the time, effort or skills to use these platforms effectively. Your target audience will be on social media, it’s too important to ignore. 
8. How much does this service cost? 
For social media management we have a number of different packages, depending on what your business needs. We will discuss your requirements before advising the most beneficial package. 
9. What makes Bell4Business different? 
We are a one stop shop for all marketing and office-based needs, we’ve worked with businesses in all different sectors and we have the knowledge on what success looks like. You’re not tied down to a long-term contact and packages are affordable for small businesses! 
We are here to answer any questions you may have, to discuss social media management, contact us today!  
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