Often, what you thought you could accomplish in a few minutes ends up taking hours, especially when it comes to your office tasks. 
While you are bogged down with paperwork, you can’t focus on your core business. 
How much time are you losing? 
In a study published by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), 55 per cent of UK small businesses felt their ability to grow was hindered by admin tasks. As an entrepreneur at heart, devoting this much time to bookkeeping and accounting likely wasn’t what you had in mind. In other research, Sage found that smaller UK businesses spend around 71 days a year on admin work. Just think about what else you could be doing with all that time! 
Admin work streamlined & simplified 
Many small firms look to technology to reduce admin burdens. However, even using platforms requires time to input, calculate and execute. So while technology may automate some things, it doesn’t necessarily give you a huge block of time back, and software of this nature isn’t cheap, so you must be willing to invest. 
The better alternative is outsourcing. You can find solutions locally in the Hull and East Yorkshire areas. You’ll also find that partnering with an admin outsourcing expert is less expensive than technology and has a quicker turnaround time. You don’t have to be an expert in administration any longer when you work with a reputable partner. 
First, you should consider what admin tasks are the most time-intensive and complex. Bookkeeping is usually a top contender. It takes a lot of time to keep your books balanced, invoices paid and receivables in on time. You may also find benefits in outsourcing other general admin activities like data cleansing and updating client records. Lots of hours could be poured into these pursuits. Instead of staring at lines of databases or trying to figure out your cash flow, find a trusted firm to streamline processes. 
Choosing a reliable partner 
If you've decided to make the move to outsource your admin tasks, you’ll want to vet the businesses you are considering to ensure they are legitimate. Bell4Business would love to be your partner in this area. We serve small business in Hull, East Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We deliver solutions to tackle everyday admin tasks so you can get back to growing your business. 
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