Why Businesses Benefit from a Telephone Answering Service... 

Is your business receiving so many phone calls that you can't keep up? It's great to be in demand, but the phone calls you miss could end up losing you potential customers and valuable opportunities. 
If you can't afford to hire an employee specifically for this role, you'll benefit immensely from a telephone answering service. We will take care of each call in a personalised and professional manner, never letting them go to voicemail. Here are just a few of the many benefits a telephone answering service can offer your business: 
Help Customers Right Away 
With a telephone answering service on your team, your customers won't have to leave a voicemail and wait to be called back (if they get called back at all). Instead, their questions and concerns will be taken care of by a business that knows your business inside and out. 
Being able to provide immediate customer service is even more essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, as in-person visits to stores saw a decrease while online sales rose across the UK. If you're unable to give customers the assistance they need when they need it, it's easy for them to find another shop online and give them a call. 
Be Perceived as Professional and Reliable 
Over 50% of people prefer receiving customer service over the phone, as opposed to other channels such as email or social media. That being the case, you can see how sending even 20% of your customers to voicemail is problematic. 
People rightfully want to feel as though you care about them becoming a paying customer. If you guarantee that they never have to wait around for a callback using a professional telephone answering service, you're encouraging a positive perception of your business. 
Focus on Your Business 
It's not easy to focus on certain aspects of your business if you're constantly having to stop and answer the phone. When you have a telephone answering service handling calls for you, you have the freedom to put your time and energy into other business-related tasks. 
Bell4Business Offers Personalised Answering Services 
Bell4Business offers specialised services for small businesses across the UK, from social media management to telephone answering services. Our approach to telephone answering is very personalised, as we tailor everything we do to suit your business's brand, services, and goals. Once we've consulted with you, we'll provide you with a dedicated number to ensure that every call your business receives comes through our office. 
If you're interested in having us on your team or have any questions about our services, please don't hesitate to reach out by emailing louise@bell4business.co.uk, calling 01482 842 802, or filling out our online form. 
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