On an average day, how many times would you say your phone rings? 5? 10? Maybe you run a very busy office and your phone is ringing multiples times every hour. 
Now ask yourself: 
How many of those calls get picked up? 
How many go to voicemail? 
How many simply cut off? 
How many are missed altogether? 
When owning a small business, you can often make decisions that are based on "pure hope" that someday you will reach your business goals. 
Naturally we all have ambitious targets in mind, but are not 100% sure that their decisions will achieve the desired outcomes. Investing in an answering service is one you may be sceptic about, however it has consistently shown positive returns on investment. 
It is proven that more than 60% of people would not leave a message on an answer machine. If you are busy on other calls or out of the office, new customers can be lost if a potential client cannot speak to a real person. They will simply just move on to the next competitor. What’s the point of spending money and time on marketing or any other aspect of your business if you are unable to make yourself accessible to your clients? 
Of course you've got to have an element of trust with the company handling your calls, the team at Bell4Business are full of experience in answering company calls for all different types of businesses. We will always do our best to represent your company to satisfy both you and your clients. 
Here are four important reasons why you should invest in telephone answering services - 
Answering Services are cheaper then hiring a receptionist. 
Will lighten work load allowing you to focus on what matters. 
Offer a great quality of customer service. 
Put an end to missed phone calls. 
In business you wear a lot of hats, but you can’t do everything, you have to start delegating in order to scale. Take a small step by giving an answering service a try. You’ll be surprised how affordable and accommodating it can be. 
At Bell4Business, we love helping business owners improve the running of their business in any way we can. If you would like to discuss how we can lighten your work load and grow your business with our team, please get in touch today! 
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