No matter who you are you can't deny the impact social media has on our day-to-day lives. 
What do you see when you walk down the street? Someone checking their Facebook at the lights? Tweeting about the terrible service they received in Starbucks? Instagramming their lunch? Social media is everywhere. And if your business isn't capitalising on that, you're missing out on one of the most valuable marketing opportunities out there. 
To put it simply, your business needs a social media presence. Here are five reasons why: 
1. Increase Brand Awareness. 
How do people find out about your business? 
There are 2.89 billion social media users across the globe. That's huge. Where else do you have the opportunity to reach so many people? 
If you want to get more eyes on your brand, there's no better way to do it — right from the comfort of your own desk. 
2. Improve Customer Service. 
When people want to enquire, ask questions or get support from a brand, social media is the first place they'll go. 
And providing a customer service function on social media has never been easier. 
There are several pieces of software that can help you do this, assisting customers via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Making it easier for customers to get in touch improves their overall experience, and makes it more likely they will recommend you to others. 
3. Helps you Connect with your Audience. 
People like to share their lives online. And that includes talking about your products and services. 
If you're not on social media, how will you get involved in the discussion? 
For the best results, make sure you share your personality. Make your customers feel part of a community — and they will reward you for it. 
4. Increase traffic to your website. 
Do you have a website? Social media is a great way to get more traffic. 
One of the most effective ways to do this is to create content your audience will love — and share it on your social channels. Remember — it's about providing value, not always pushing the sale. 
5. Cost-effective marketing strategy. 
Social Media is highly cost effective way of marketing, you could get a huge return on your investment.  
Of course social media takes time to build an audiance, that's why it's a great idea to outsource! 
At Bell4Business, we love helping business owners improve the running of their business in any way we can. If you would like to discuss how we can lighten your work load and grow your business with our team, please get in touch today! 
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