Online networking is a process by which individuals and businesses develop and expand their businesses and social relationships using communication channels available online. Why should businesses take part? Online networking allows them to create awareness of their existence, products, and services and keep in touch with the latest technology or trends in their field of operation. 

1. You don’t have to travel 

Networking is about establishing relationships and building genuine connections. Online networking provides the opportunity to achieve these without having to leave the comfort of your home or office. Modern technology has made it easy to set up virtual meetings with anyone, anywhere without incurring travel expenses. Businesses can make substantial savings in money and time by utilising existing web conferencing tools. 

2. You can expand your pool of connections phenomenally 

Through online networking, businesses can phenomenally expand their network of contacts. This will enable them to generate the much-needed referrals they require to drive their businesses. There are now online platforms that facilitate meeting new potential clients and establishing connections with other like-minded business owners. 

3. You can build your brand reputation faster 

Entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out in business, are often under pressure to build a profile in order to establish a reputation for their brands. Online networking provides the possibility of building this profile by utilising online platforms where their voices can easily be heard. 

4. You can readily identify opportunities for collaboration and joint venture partnerships 

Apart from developing new relationships, being active at online networking sites and offering assistance to others on these sites can open up opportunities for business expansion through collaboration with others and the establishment of joint venture partnerships 
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