We've got some very exciting news... We've got a new venture... We are launching Bell4Branding! It's the new one stop shop for all personalised clothing and workware! 
The continued growth and success of Bell4Business has allowed us to take a new adventure a launch Bell4Branding, we are your promotive team.  
From boosting staff morale to improving your company's identity within a wider community, here's why you should bring branded uniforms into the workplace. 
It doesn't matter what industry you operate in — if you're looking for a cost-effective way to instantly improve your business's visibility, look no further than workplace uniforms. Whether you're rolling out uniforms for the first time or you're looking to freshen up your company's image, here are our top six reasons why you should invest in workplace uniforms today. 
1. Build a Professional Business Image 
Let's be honest — we often judge people by their appearance. Well-fitting workplace uniforms immediately make your staff members appear professional and serious about the work they do. 
2. Promote Team Spirit 
Everyone loves to feel like they belong somewhere. When employees wear uniforms, they instantly feel part of something bigger. They feel united, and proud employees can serve as brand ambassadors for your company in a wider area. 
3. Improve Staff Security 
Workplace uniforms are an easy way to improve security on your premises. Why? Because uniforms make it easy for you to identify who belongs in different parts of your workplace and who doesn't. This is sure to make your employees feel safer too, which can increase productivity and boost morale. 
4. Easily Promote Your Brand 
A staff uniform is easy advertising. It's a great way to pique a potential customer's curiosity and foster long-term consumer trust and loyalty. The team at Bell4Business will ensure that your logos are easily identifiable so you can market your company across the community. 
5. Increase Staff Morale 
Uniforms improve staff morale in many ways. Most importantly, the moment that someone puts on a uniform, they become a recognised member of the team. They feel valued, which inspires them to work harder. 
6. Improve Convenience 
It's convenient for staff if they know what they're wearing to work each day. Staff can mend their uniforms and order new ones when required without spending a fortune on workwear! Uniforms are one less thing for employees to worry about. 
To find out more about our unique workwear and office support solutions, contact us now. 
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