We all know the importance of online networking. Referrals, leads, advice and new connections, what's not to love about doing business online. 
We've put together some tips for online networking to allow you to get the most out of this wonderful tool. 
1. Register with a credible online networking platform 
The traditional way of networking used to be to attend networking events and swap business cards with other attendees. Today, there are online business communities you can join and begin to interact immediately with other members. 
2. Get involved 
Be active when you join these platforms so people will know you exist and what kind of business you are in. You can do this by making constructive suggestions and giving helpful feedback. 
3. Take your time to find ideal contacts 
It will pay off if you take the time to find ideal contacts to establish a relationship with. This will easily enable you to establish mutually beneficial business relationships with like-minded contacts in the future. 
4. Stay in touch with your contacts 
It can be daunting to combine online networking with the rigours of conducting your own business, but it is crucial to maintain contact with those you meet. Take interest in what they are doing and let them know what you are up to. 
Even if it appears superficial at first, don't be discouraged. Over time, you will discover that online networking has enabled you to expand your network in ways that might not have been possible with face-to-face networking. 
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