Social media has its own dialect, maybe its own language, it uses completely different terms to television or radio. 
Social Media can be full of techinical terms, our social media alphabet is here to help you conquer these terms so they no longer look like jibberish! 
Creating this alphabet we soon learnt, some words were easier to find words for than others. Finding a social media term starting with the letter X was a nightmare. 
See below what we came up with, are they any alternatives we could include in our social media alphabet? 
A is for Audiance - In order to run a succesful social media page, you need to consider your audience, how can you help them? 
B is for Blog - Blogging is informative and creates links to new and innovative content that can be used for engaging posts for customers. 
C is for Connections - Connections are key on social media, connect with an audience you can work with. 
D is for Direct Messages - Direct Messages are private conversations that happen over social media, it's a great way to interact with customers and clients. 
E is for Engagement - Social Media is great for engaging with current and potential customers. 
F is for Facebook - The most popular social media platform with over a billion users, it's a great way to interact with customers and clients. 
G is for GIF - A GIF is a short video that can convey a complex message in seconds, they're great for engagement online. 
H is for Hashtag - Hashtags first emerged on Twitter but are now used on almost every other social platform. 
I is for Instagram - Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share pictures, and has over 1 billon active monthly users! 
J is for Joy - It's important to keep your audiance entertained, boring posts won't attracrt customers, bring them joy! 
K is for Knowledge - It's important to gain knowledge on your customers, what do they want from your business? 
L is for LinkedIn - LinkedIn is the social network for businesses and professionals. It's great for making B2B connections. 
M is for Messenger - Messenger is a great way to privately speak with your customers. You can now arrange appointments directly via messenger. 
N is for Notifacation - A message or update sharing new social media activity. When someone interacts with your page you will receive a notification to inform you. 
O is for Observe - Keep watch, observe and learn what is happening in your industry. 
P is for Pinned Posts - Pinning a post is a great way to feature an important announcement or update. 
Q is for Quality - All your content should be interesting, if you post bad content, you won’t have people following you. 
R is for RSS Feed - RSS regularly updates a sites content with either new posts, topics or stories. 
S is for Share - The main focus of all social media platforms is to share your content, thoughts and company voice with others. 
T is for Trending - Refers to a topic that is especially popular on social media at a given moment. This can improve engagement with posts.  
U is for Unique - It's important to be unique and stand out. Grab the customers attention whilst you have it! 
V is for Visual - It's important to stand out. Images, GIFs and Videos are all great ways to get the audiences attention and tell a story. 
W is for Website - Social Media is a great way to direct customers towards your website. 
X is for X-rated - It's important to consider all your content before posting it. Be wary of who your audiance is and don't offend them with any unwelcome content. 
Y is for YouTube - Google-owned YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. 
Z is for Zealous - Those companies that a succesful in Social Media are zealous about it. They are consistent and have an understanding with their audience. 
There we have it! Your complete Social Media Alphabet. 
Social Media can be a tough thing to get around and as a business owner you may not have the time. Bell4Business can manage your Social Media Platforms. 
We'll engage with your customers and increase the leads you're recieving. Learn more here.  
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