The job of a social media manager doesn't come with a well-defined job description. Instead, it is a complex and multifaceted role. When used correctly, social media is an amazing tool for companies and consumers. It's much more than just a post a day. 
Here are the elements needed to make your business successful on social media - 
Skills in graphics creation 
Imagery is vital in social media. Facebook posts with images get twice as much engagement as ones that don't have them. Twitter posts with images get about twenty per cent more clicks than those without. Whoever your business sees as its audience, images are an important way to reach them. To create these types images yourself it can take time, effort and inclination. We have a team of highly talented graphic designers to take your business to the next level. 
Writing skills 
Just as with imagery, a candidate for social media manager may not personally need advanced skills in writing. They do need a great grasp of language, and a love of writing. They will need to be able to speak to writers, and to assess their work. You need to make sure they have the ability to convey ideas in writing with clarity, and create and maintain a voice when they write for the company. They would also need to be able to create excitement with their writing. We provide unique content specific to your business and interesting to your followers. 
A love of customer service 
More than ever before today, consumers use social media to complain to businesses or ask questions. While delivering well-written social media posts with imagery is one part of the job, practical and useful communication with customers is another equally important one. Managers must be able to express themselves clearly, calm tensions, and help maintain the company's reputation. 
An excellent grasp of content and SEO 
A deep appreciation of content marketing and search engine optimisation is essential. They should also understand how content marketing and social media content come together to help the company's performance in search and help enhance the company's marketing efforts. 
We understand you most probably don't have the time or effort to complete these tasks, so let us! Contact us today and see your ideas happen. 
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