The year 2020 pushed back everyone’s plans – including businesses. Perhaps you’re a relatively new company that was just beginning to make a profit when the pandemic started. Or maybe you had to put expansion plans or new product launches on hold because of the health crisis. 
Whatever stage of growth your business was and is in, you can revitalise brand awareness with efficient social media management. If you have existing accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, now’s the time to renew your digital marketing efforts by streamlining social media management. 
To generate the results you want, focus your social media management efforts on the following tasks. 
Improving brand messaging and customer service 
Most businesses experienced major slowdowns, with some even needing to close temporarily at the height of the pandemic. Therefore, taking care of your loyal customers is now more important than ever. 
On top of this, you need to ramp up messaging targeted towards warm leads that can potentially be converted into real customers. Now’s the time to review your social pages and see who has liked, commented or shared your posts and even those who enquired about your business without purchasing. 
Re-engage with your loyal customers. Reach out to old leads and work on generating new ones. Back up whatever promises and reassurances you make on social media with quality customer service. These should include whatever safety and hygiene measures you are taking to ensure you can deliver quality products or services whilst keeping health protocols in mind. 
Updating your page or website 
The challenges of the crisis highlighted inherent weaknesses in some companies, with some businesses changing their strategy or revamping their product or service offerings. 
So, if you’re focusing on a specific product or service, or if you’re expanding your range of products, share these updates on your website and social media pages. If you’ve changed your business address or anything important about your business, let your followers know, too. 
Publishing bite-sized content 
Posting content that’s clear, relevant and easy to consume should be part of your social media revitalisation efforts. Here, you can include short videos or ‘stories’ and even podcasts released via your website and shared on your social pages. 
In one short video segment, you can talk about what you did to manage or keep going during the peak of the pandemic then thank your loyal customers. Then in another video, you can share updates with your followers on what’s new or if you have any ongoing or upcoming promotions. 
Jumpstart your business with social media management 
Now that you’re back in business, it’s the perfect time to revisit your social media pages and re-engage with leads and customers. 
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