Returning to the Workplace? Get Your PPE from Bell4Branding 
Bell4Branding has been a critical resource for personalised and branded workwear and leisurewear. We love helping organisations create a consistent image for their workers. Now, we’ve begun to look beyond clothing, considering the new normal where protection is necessary. 
As our community continues to feel the impact of the coronavirus and workplaces open back up, it’s essential to have personal protection equipment (PPE). So, why not select PPE that’s branded. 
Our customers began to contact us, requesting facemasks and other items. We’ve responded by making available a range of products to keep employees and customers safe. 
What Is PPE? 
PPE includes a variety of items that offer those who wear it safer interactions with others. It can help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, especially in enclosed areas like offices, restaurants, and shops. 
Protecting your staff and customers ensures you’re doing your part as a responsible business owner, as well as following government recommendations. 
Mask Up for Safety: Personalised Facemasks 
We’re offering facemasks with style. Choose from a variety of personalisation options. Businesses can choose to put their logo or tagline. Others may welcome something more unique, like monograms or names. The personalisation is done by embroidery with a wide range of colour choices. 
We’re currently taking orders for these masks, starting at only £7 each. Contact us today to learn more about the options for facemasks. 
Other Items to Help Keep Everyone Protected 
We’ve also expanded our product offerings to assist businesses with virus spread mitigation. You can now order from us hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, and visors. Let us know about your specific needs, and we’ll be glad to let you know the options. 
Why Choose Us? 
We’re a local, small business that has deep roots in the area. Our support services for companies are built upon the idea that most small businesses need help to manage all the aspects of running a business. 
Launching Bell4Branding was a natural extension of what we already do. Now, we’re excited to continue to meet the needs of local businesses, which have changed dramatically during the pandemic. If we can be a lifeline for you, we’re happy to help. 
No Minimum Orders! 
You’ll also appreciate we have no minimum order requirements. That’s hard to find with larger suppliers of PPE. Whether you need one or 100, we can make it happen for you! 
Learn more about our offerings and order today. 
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