Every 2 weeks, Bell4Business send a email newsletter to over 2000 engaged and subscribed readers, now we're giving you the opportunity to also reach out to them potential customers with an advert. 
We understand how difficult it can be for businesses to increase awareness and now more than ever businesses are looking for new ways to find new clients. Our effective email newsletter engages customers, and this engagement will them to pay attention to the advertisement. 
Email marketing is a particularly useful as a tool for communicating with customers, building engagement, driving traffic, and directing customers to key content. 
If you aren't sending your own e-newsletter with information and advertising, you can often purchase ad space in other established newsletters. Purchasing ad space in another newsletter offers the same advantages of designing your own newsletter, including cost-effectiveness and a targeted audience, all while taking advantage of the established reputation and customer base of another business. 
Even if you don't have the time to sort the advert for our mailing list yourself, our creative team can put together an advert to be approved by you. 
Advertising prices are cost effective and vary in terms of the size of your advert, to discuss this give our team a call today on 01482 842 802! 
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