In the realm of social media, there’s what you earn based on the content posted and the conversations you engage in. Then there’s what you pay for via social media ads. 
Obviously, social media platforms want you to use paid ads. It’s how they make their money after all (topping over £30 billion globally in 2017). 
While social media ads will inflate your numbers and make your reach and impressions seem sky high, that doesn’t always translate to leads or conversions.  
Paid ads give you a short-term boost; organic is for the long-term. It’s what builds communities. 
Paid Can’t Build Communities 
So, with such a focus on paid, does organic even matter anymore?  
It absolutely does................... 
There are some things that paid ads can’t offer. Think about the basis of social media. It was created as a way to connect and communicate. This community that you can build comes from efforts of being consistent and constant on social media. Communities aren’t built with ads. 
If you do the work to create the community, you will be rewarded. Many thought the changes to Facebook’s algorithm and newsfeeds would be the end of organic reach. Facebook announced in early 2018 that newsfeeds would emphasize posts from friends over those from brands. However, if a brand has spent time engaging with its friends and continuing to produce creative content, they’ve seen more positive results related to organic growth. 
Soon after, Facebook found itself in damage control mode as its commitment to data privacy came into question with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now, Facebook finds itself in a position to crack down on clickbait and spam. This should create a cleaner newsfeed for most and offers your brand much more opportunity to get your organic posts seen and not driven down by these types of ads. 
You Can Get Quality Leads with Organic Social Media 
If you think only an ad will deliver conversions, don’t sell organic so short. The big difference is the type of content. Paid social media is an ad and may turn off your audience; whereas your organic posts are more likely to be informational and educational. These posts could be the answer to a user’s questions or help them solve a quandary. 
That connection you made to be a resource for a user has the capacity to turn into a well-qualified lead. Buyers are savvy these days. They know an ad when they see it, and most of the time they are happy to let it pass by. 
Organic Social Media Requires Lots of Attention, Get Some Help 
You probably don’t have the bandwidth to be consistently active on social media. Few business owners do! That’s why it’s a great aspect of your business to outsource. 
You don’t have to become an expert on how to use platforms. Rely on the experts at Bell4Business, your partner in managing social media. We offer 51 different actions to ignite organic growth across social media. Find out more by checking out our social media services today. 
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