Having recently been the target of an internet troll, I thought I would put together a few thoughts and pointers that would hopefully go some way to helping those, who maybe looking at the problem with much more concern than they really should. 
Let’s start by turning a negative in to a positive, this is step one! 
First and foremost, please ignore them! No two ways about this! Trolls want attention, they want a reaction and to know that they have bothered you. Well I would as a reputable business and person, everyone who knows you will really know you and your integrity. Your contacts will just ignore silly comments a troll wishes to make and know they are meaningless!  
Chances are your network will have been built up over a period of time and along the way you build lasting and sustainable relationships with real people. Additionally, a proportion of your network will have had to deal with such stupidity in one form or another at some point and as in my case will even offer kind words of support. 
No matter how difficult it might be, simply ignoring a troll could your best tactic. You would hope that if they do not get a response, they’ll realise there really is more important things in life to deal with. 
Utilise negative comments in a positive way. We are all familiar with a well know supermarket using Twitter comments to their advantage to showcase their produce and its origins. Remember Turkeys at Christmas and more recently wine from reputable family run vine yards? Extremely clever marking! 
Unmasking a troll can be a great defence, let’s face it being cowardly enough to attack you from a ‘fake profile’ or using another name really does show their weak character. Tim Dowling explains in a great article for The Guardian, “Trolls thrive on anonymity.” By taking away that power, you may make that troll think twice about leaving nasty comments on your website, blog, or social media account. Dowling, however, doesn’t say you have to uncover and reveal their name and address,. You may be able to “turn your rage into pity”. For example, someone who constantly criticizes your writing could have a laughable blog. 
Taking away their opportunity to comment/post can aid the situation. In the first instance, you can delete unwanted content and then block them. If they are persistent it would mean them setting up another profile and seriously who could be bothered??? If a troll is that persistent in pursuing you, one would hope they would have the guts to contact you directly and discuss a problem they may have, so it can be sorted out. Otherwise it simply paramount’s to bullying. Cyber bullying is a very serious topic of late and is another offence the Police now have the power to be able to take steps in prosecution for activities, depending on circumstances this can lead on to serious offences such as stalking and cohesive control. For further information see bullying.co.uk
Alternatively, you can simply “disable commenting from your posts to prevent trolling altogether.” I would suggest not to, whilst you're preventing trolls in the first place, you’re also preventing discussions among your online community and your real fans/followers/supporters. 
It always pays to be self-aware, listening and double checking to see if the online troll is really just a customer complaining? Sometimes people just want to be heard. Hear them, try to help, and they’ll almost always thank you publicly.” If a troll is genuine and points out a mistake you have made, then you should consider it, make the proper corrections, and admit that you were wrong. For more information on receiving a bad review, please see our earlier blog How to deal with negative reviews
And lastly remember as briefly mentioned above, there really are so many more worthwhile and important things to deal with in life. If you are my recent troll (as I have no idea who you are, blank profile and a name I do not recognise!) if you have trolled or are considering trolling, perhaps instead you could consider a hobby as a much more valuable use of your time? I would suggest getting involved with a community project or donating your spare time to charity? This would be extremely rewarding and be much more beneficial for all concerned. 
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