The UK is in the early stages of the Coronavirus outbreak and many small and medium-sized businesses are already feeling its effects. All different types of industries from production to travel have been affected. 
Due to the outbreak, some businesses may have seen a loss of profit with customers less willing to spend money in a time of uncertainty. 
With the financial impacts the Coronavirus has brought, many businesses have looked at more cost-effective ways of carrying out their daily tasks such as Admin and Marketing. One method that’s proving popular to companies in and around East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is to outsource their office tasks. 
Why Outsource? 
When you use a firm to take care of your admin tasks, your current staff can focus on their core competencies. Working with a knowledgeable, reliable company, you can offload work like telephone answering, email monitoring, diary management, database management, GDPR implementation, and social media management. With extra support for these fundamental tasks, you won’t feel so far behind on all day-to-day necessities of running a business. 
Bell4Business are experts in what we do, and with everything going on in the world at the moment, we strive to provide the most positive service, and our clients certainly would agree. 
The True Cost of Hiring 
If you hire a full-time employee at £10.00 an hour, this could result in costs of over £46,000 per employee. This includes salary, optional costs related to benefits, technology fees, and more. If you’re calculating this kind of figure only using the actual wage, you’ll find that you’ll actually pay thousands more in hiring a full-time employee. 
Whereas if you outsource some of your work, you’ll only pay an hourly fee or an agreed upon flat fee per month. All the other costs associated with hiring a full-time employee won’t keep adding up here. 
You’ll receive a better return on the investment with outsourcing than hiring. It’s easier to achieve your objectives for less when you use a firm to help out with your workload. 
Benefits of outsourcing 
In addition to cost savings, the benefits of outsourcing are plentiful, including: 
• Frees up time for full-time staff to be more strategic like finding new possible prospects versus being stuck on simple admin tasks 
• Ensures your business is always up-to-date for admin duties 
• Allows for better business processes that are consistent 
• Work with experts in the specific field (for example, leave social media to the experts, if you aren’t one) 
• Access to the same services a larger organisation has so you can remain competitive 
• Enables you to grow your business by delegating smaller tasks to an outsourcing firm 
• Permits the flexible use of labour—staff up during your busy season without having to hire 
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