Let's face it, chasing late payments on invoices is one of the toughest, most awkward and worrying elements for any business owner. 
It's never easy, contacting customers/clients to ask for money owed. However, this is business. And you are absolutely entitled to be paid for the work you've carried out. You've done the work; now they need to pay for your products and/or services. 
When you have to spend time doing this, that means there is less time for you to do the important things like growing your business. 
To minimise the number of unpaid invoices on your books, look for some help from the professionals at Bell4Business. We’ve helped many small businesses recoup more monies due to them because of our hands-on approach to debtor chasing. 
We have the pleasure in working with a company, who were desperately trying to collect a large amount of debt owed to them. The company did not have the time or means to chase them effectively...  
This is where Bell4Business stepped in, we started our debtor chasing service with a York based company in November, the original figure outstanding was £600K, spread across 325 accounts. Over the first 60 days, the Bell4Business team were able to retrieve £130,000 worth of debts. 
We have the experience and expertise you need to retreve your money to you fast and with no effort on your part. Outsourcing your debtors list not only gets your company what's due to them, but you can focus on the important aspects of running your business. 
We provide detailed reporting of conversations and updates on promises to pay and settle accounts. This reporting allows our client to see in one easy glance where they stand with monies due. 
We continue with weekly contact with the debtor and have found this consistency has made debtors more apt to pay. 
The Bell4Business team can be in contact with the customers owing money weekly, we have found that once a debtor is receiving weekly contact from us regarding the debt, they are more likely to finally pay and be faithful to their payment terms. 
Bell4Business is here to assist and allow businesses to reach their goals. Contact us today to learn more about our Book Keeping and Debtor Chasing solutions. 
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