You may be starting to feel weary, tired, or even exhausted as a business owner. This problem is one that naturally affects business owners who don’t take regular vacations or holidays. One recent survey showed that 60% of business owners in the United Kingdom didn’t take a single day off last year. Most of them did at least some work every day, even during their much needed getaways, which defeats the purpose of taking time off. 
You might not take a holiday because you don’t have anybody you can depend on to manage your responsibilities in your absence. Don’t worry! Bell4Business can look after your business, so you can enjoy your much needed rest and relaxation. 
We offer the following services to make sure your business runs smoothly during your holiday. 
You might not be able to let all of your customers know that you are away. Customers that you haven’t seen in a while might call while you’re away. You might also get calls from prospective customers looking for quotes, overviews of your services, or other important information. 
You can’t afford to let these calls go an answered. Studies have shown that 40% of customers expect to get a callback within an hour, and they may take their business elsewhere if they don't get this callback. 
Bell4Business can take care of your phone calls during your holiday. We are prompt, courteous and professional, and will handle every call with care. We will let your customers know that you are away, and take care of any issues we can, according to your instructions. 
Bookkeeping is an essential duty for any business. Over 80% of all business failures are blamed on poor cash flow management, and poor bookkeeping is one of the main factors behind these cash flow problems. This is why the discipline should never be ignored. 
You might want to consider using Bell4Business to handle your record keeping on a permanent basis. However, even if you normally take care of your own bookkeeping, you might still want to hire us to manage the task during your absence. 
We have a great eye for detail and also use the most up-to-date accounting software, so you know that your financial records will be in good hands! 
Admin Support 
Bell4Business also offers a wide range of admin support services. We can cleanse your data, make sure customer addresses are up-to-date and make important courtesy calls. 
Have you avoided taking a break because you are afraid everything will collapse? You don’t need to worry about that when you’re working with Bell4Business. We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of administrative services, and we will happily keep your business running smoothly while you are away. 
At Bell4Business, we love helping business owners improve the running of their business in any way we can. If you would like to discuss how we can lighten your work load and grow your business with our team, please get in touch today! 
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