As the end of the year nears, it’s a critical time to clear out overdue invoices. Businesses like yours depend on every pound being paid in full, but you may not have the resources or time for debtor chasing. Yet, this is vital to you staying afloat. 
As the holidays are upon us, it’s time to accelerate debtor chasing by working with the professionals at Bell4Business. 
Clean Up Your Books 
Recoup the money owed to you and clean up your books at the end of the year with professional debtor chasing services. The challenge that most small businesses find themselves in is finding time to follow up and devise plans to get overdue bills paid. 
Work with Us for a Plan of Action to Tackle Debtors 
When you work with us, we begin by analysing debtors to develop a plan of action. Then we start to communicate with those that owe you money and work with them to formalise a payment plan. After every conversation and resolution, we provide detailed reports on actions and results. These reports can be collated should you need to file a court case to recoup payment. 
Even after a payment plan has been resolved, we continue to contact debtors on a weekly basis to ensure that they continue to make agreed-upon payments. 
Proven Results 
Looking at your payment history, are you satisfied with your on-time payment rate? Odds are, it could use some improvement. Much of the time that means you should seek professional debtor chasing support. We’ve been able to deliver some amazing results for clients, including retrieving over £130,000 worth of debts in 60 days. 
We can offer such results by consitantly yet respectfully contacting those that owe you money. With a consistent reminder of weekly conversations, their debt to you is kept top of mind, meaning you’re more likely to see your unpaid invoices dwindle. 
Make your Christmas a bit merrier and brighter by getting paid the monies due to you with debtor chasing solutions. Don’t let this issue cause your business to stall in its growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 
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