Christmas is around the corner so here is our present to you...  
As we appreciate the benefits of a longer term social media plan - If you sign up and pay for 6 months social media support before November 30th you will receive an additional month free!  
This offer is too good to miss out on and is in only available until 30th Novemeber, so get in touch today. 
Social Media is an important part of any modern business. So many companies (your competitors!) are now engaging with this form of advertising. Social Media is too important to ignore! 
Sign 1 – Your business doesn’t have a social media presence. Both you & your business are potentially missing out on customers! Imagine if you are found easily, who could be your next customer? 
Sign 2 – Competitors are generating business from social media. Whether you’re available on social media or not, you can almost guarantee that at least one of your competitors are. 
Sign 3 – Don’t have the time to manage your social media accounts effectively. Businesses are owner operated and most owner operators find they have very volatile schedules. 
Sign 4 – Social media advertising is something you’d like to explore but you don’t have the confidence to apply your ideas? Utilising a social media company can get you started. 
Sign 5 – Worried about large gaps in your social media activity? Marketing is fundamentally consistency; firm plan of action carried out with a degree of regularity. Not about just one post per day! 
Sign 6 – Customer enquiries and opportunities being missed? If you’re doing well with your social activities and getting noticed, you’ll find prospects will ask more about your products and services. 
We let business owners get back to concentrating on the most importance aspects of business; we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more. 
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