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Looking for an interesting way to tell your brand’s story? Animated video is a great application to express your company’s unique selling proposition, detailing what you do, who you help, and how you are different. The benefits of animated video are huge, exposing your Hull or East Yorkshire business to many more eyes. 
Stories are only as good as they look, so it’s a good idea to use a professional services company that concept the idea and deliver a quality, targeted video. Animated video engages your audience and is cost-effective. 
What the numbers say 
If you are considering animated video, you may be seeking some data to determine if it really works. Read more 
Here are some eye-grabbing stats that support the use of animated video. 
How animated video gives your Hull or East Yorkshire business an advantage 
With all the data validating animated video, it’s time for your company to reap the benefits. Using animated video offers real results, delivering quality leads. Here are some other ways that animated video is a great choice. 
Bring any concept to life 
With animation, you are not limited to what’s possible with actors and scenes. Your imagination and creativity shine through and educate in an interesting way. Regardless of the complexity of what you want to express, animated video gives you more options. 
Provide context to ideas 
No matter how abstract ideas may be, you can make them more tangible with animated video. Also, because you aren’t constrained by a 2D world, your video explains and illustrates these ideas. 
Find the right tone 
Real people portrayals often get bogged down and turn out cheesy versus brilliant. Animated video removes the constraints of dealing people. Animation allows you to tap into a greater range of emotional tones. This offers a channel to discuss subjects that may be delicate in a subtler way. 
Illustrate abstract ideas 
When you don’t sell a product or good but rather a service, an animated video is a great tool to express this better than most any other medium. Live action cannot present these scenarios in a short amount of time. Too much backstory or voiceover would be required. Animated videos catch a viewer’s eye immediately and help them digest the content easier. With animated video, capture hard-to-represent ideas without constraints. 
Trust the Specialists at Bell4Business for High-Quality Animated Videos 
At Bell4Business, we create impactful videos for Hull and East Yorkshire companies. These videos help organisations connect with and engage their target markets. Catch a glimpse of some of our work on our YouTube channel. We’re currently running a special on animated videos. Get a 30-second corporate branded video for only £75.00. 
Contact us today to learn more 
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