Cottingham, East Yorkshire, England – December 18, 2017 - As a small business and partner to many other small businesses, Bell4Business understands the value of being a part of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). FSB is a network of small business members that support the success of each small business. This group of small business owners works to foster the best possible environments for healthy business growth and sustainability. Founder Louise Bell demonstrated her commitment to the small business community by recently joining FSB. 
FSB has a mission to “help smaller business achieve their ambitions”. With that central mission, FSB offers a variety of expertise for its members. These fundamental services can greatly influence and provide direction to small business owners. Services include business advice, financial counsel, support, and a voice in local government. Membership is open to owners, partners, or directors of businesses with less than 250 employees. With a comprehensive list of resources and solutions, FSB membership is vital for any small business. 
Upon joining the FSB, Louise Bell shared, “It’s important for me to represent my company as a member of the FSB. Bell4Business is not only a small business, but our clients are as well. This means we are concerned with anything that could affect this community. FSB is a stellar organisation that has the best interests of small business top of mind.” 
Established over 40 years ago, FSB is a non-profit organisation led by its members. Member benefits involve many areas of business like taxes, legal, human resources, and networking. FSB also represents its members in relation to policies that could impact the small business community. Learn more about the organisation and its initiatives at As an Associate member, those interested in joining FSB can contact Bell to learn more. 
Bell added, “My joining of FSB isn’t just as a representative for Bell4Business, but I hope that we can offer aid and support for my fellow members as well.” 
About Bell4Busines 
The Bell4Business mission is to “Make Ideas Happen”. This commitment to action is how Bell4Business helps businesses throughout the region. Allowing for a better work/life balance, Bell4Business offers on-going business support including marketing, social media, video production, bookkeeping and other administrative tasks. Working with businesses in a wide range of services and industries, they can adapt to suit any business needs. Bell4Business delivers a cost-effective, affordable service, allowing business owners to concentrate on the most important aspects of their business. Learn more at 
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